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Electrical Installations

Manufacturing & Engineering Technology

Designing and installing electrical systems in all types of commercial, residential, and industrial projects, while carrying out maintenance and repairs safely and quickly.

Electrical Installations could be for you if you like:

  • Complex problems
  • Making things
  • Using tools
  • Working as a team

About Electrical Installations

Electricians are needed wherever there is electricity. They can expect to work in homes, offices, factories, and even farms, carrying out maintenance and repairs, and sometimes designing and installing new systems. Given the risks associated with electricity, offering a safe and reliable service to customers is paramount. Electricians need to have an intimate knowledge of the latest safety standards and work to a strict code of safety conduct.

The Challenge

Competitors are required to:
  • Work organization and management
    • Follow health and safety standards, rules, and regulations.
    • Diligently follow electrical safety procedures
    • Identify and use the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Problem solving, innovation and creativity
    • Application of diagnostic approach to problem solving
    • Awareness of new trends and developments in the industry including the new standards and working methods
  • Planning and design
    • Able to read, interpret and revise drawings and documentation
    • Selection of materials and installation techniques for use in different environments
  • Installation
    • Select and install equipment and wiring as per drawings and documentation provided
  • Testing, reporting and commissioning
    • Compliance to industrial regulation and standards
  • Maintenance, fault finding and repair
    • Able to meet customers’ need for the purpose of a specific installation
    • The ability to diagnose electrical installations and to correct inherent problems while meeting the current standards

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