Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is WorldSkills Singapore?WorldSkills Singapore is the national skills competition organised to:
  • Promote the image and status of skilled personnel in Singapore and accord recognition to the special talents and skills of our youths.
  • Raise the standard of excellence in skills through competition.
  • Generate greater awareness and interest in technical education among secondary school students and the public.
  • Select highly-skilled youths to represent Singapore at the regional WorldSkills ASEAN competition and/or the international WorldSkills Competition.
2. How often is WorldSkills Singapore organised?
WorldSkills Singapore is organised once every two years.
3. Who are the organisers of WorldSkills Singapore?The WorldSkills Singapore competition is jointly organised by SkillsFuture Singapore, Institute of Technical Education, Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic and the Ministry of Education. WorldSkills Singapore supports the national SkillsFuture movement and offers a platform for competitors to showcase their capabilities in the pursuit of skills mastery.
4. Where are the competitors from?The competitors come from various institutions of higher learning. These include the Institute of Technical Education, the polytechnics and autonomous universities. Competitors can also be sponsored by their companies and private education institutions.
5. What are the skills areas found in WorldSkills Singapore?
The skills areas are categorised into five sectors: Creative Arts and Design, Engineering, Infocomm Technology, Social and Personal Services, and Transport and Logistics. 
6. What are the differences between WorldSkills Singapore, WorldSkills ASEAN and WorldSkills Competition?WorldSkills Singapore refers to our national-level skills competition. WorldSkills ASEAN refers to the skills competition among ASEAN countries. WorldSkills Competition is the international level of the competition, and the most prestigious. It is also known as the “Youth Olympics of Skills”.

Medallists who excel in the national competition (WorldSkills Singapore) stand the chance to represent Singapore in the WorldSkills ASEAN and/or WorldSkills Competition.
7. What is the role of Education & Career Guidance in WorldSkills?WorldSkills Singapore is an important platform for Education & Career Guidance (ECG). The competition provides a good opportunity for students to learn about the importance of skills mastery, and how these skills are linked to education and career pathways.

ECG activities for WorldSkills Singapore include visits to the competition attending talks and workshops and exploring different skills at the interactive booths. the majority of the talks, workshops and booths are run by industry partners.
8. My company is interested in being a sponsor. How can we follow up?We invite you to join us as a sponsor. By supporting this event, your organisation plays the important role in the nurturing of Singapore’s youths in their journey to achieve skills excellence. Please refer to the Sponsorship page of the website for more details.