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Freight Forwarding

Transportation & Logistics

Freight Forwarding is a specialist skill organizing shipments of raw supplies or finished goods from the supplier or manufacturer to the point of distribution or final market place.

Freight Forwarding could be for you if you like:

  • Complex problems
  • Using computers

About Freight Forwarding

A forwarder is a master logistician who uses a variety of shipping methods including ships, airplanes, trucks, and rail to ensure that delivery is made in the quickest and cheapest way possible.

Freight forwarders often work internationally organizing the movement of goods between countries. They need to know each country’s export and import regulations as well as the details of waybills, licences, insurance, and other essential documents.

The Challenge

Competitors will be tested in the following areas:
  • Solve issues that arise in the normal course of business through effective customer service.
  • The proper application of procedures for the movement of goods across road, rail, air and sea will be evaluated.
  • Judges are looking for the use of law and accounting principles
  • Competitors use information and communication technology to source suppliers, obtain quotes, track orders, and manage invoicing

Technical Description for Freight Forwarding

Our Experts


Chief Expert

Jimmy Ler
Country Director
Logwin Air + Ocean Singapore Pte Ltd

Deputy Chief Expert

Gina Toh
DAP Asia Pacific (S) Pte Ltd


Jacqui Chong
Assistant Manager, School of Applied Science
Republic Polytechnic


Ye Min Htut
Deputy Manager
School of Applied Science Republic Polytechnic


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Ramanathan Mohandas
Assistant Director (CI), School of Engineering
Republic Polytechnic

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