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CNC Turning

Manufacturing & Engineering Technology

Creating prototypes from technical designs using a computer controlled lathe that cuts to ultra-fine specifications.

CNC Turning could be for you if you like:

  • Complex problems
  • Making things
  • Using computers
  • Using tools

About CNC Turning

When engineers want to know if a specific part of a design is going to work, they look to CNC Turning. The finished article is used to create pieces of machinery that are often highly-complex. A typical car has around 10,000 parts alone.


A trained operator will be familiar with many types of materials, ensuring the dimensions of the finished piece exactly match the design specifications


The Challenge

Competitors are required to:
  • Prepare part programs for components to be machined on the CNC lathe through the machine control unit and/or Computer Aided Machining software (CAM)
  • Set up and operate CNC lathe to produce precision components to dimensional accuracy of 0.01mm and obtain surface roughness of up to 0.8 micron
  • Technical Description will be updated. For previous version click here.

Our Experts

This skill area is conducted in WSS 2023 Phase 2 (Sep/Oct 2023)

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