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Cloud computing specialists help companies migrate their physical information technology activities, such as file storage and on-site servers, into a virtual environment; they typically work at either tech companies or large, established enterprises that have a substantial IT and cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Computing could be for you if you like:

  • systems engineers
  • database administrators
  • network engineers
  • storage administrators
  • systems/network/solutions/enterprise architects
  • programmers/developers
  • technology-driven roles

About Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a key part of corporate digital transformation strategy. As the cloud begins to dominate the business landscape, demand for positions related to cloud computing increases. Those specialists who are adept at managing multi-cloud environments -- including public, private and hybrid clouds from a variety of vendors -- will be best positioned in the evolving cloud market. Responsibilities for a cloud engineer may involve providing design input, collaborating with customer service and analysts on project milestones, and analysing weaknesses and recommending system improvements. Cloud computing specialists need a background working with system architecture components, such as networking and software. In addition to strong technical skills, they should also have excellent collaborative skills, as well as strong analytical reasoning to effectively look at the strengths and weaknesses of projects.

The Challenge

Competitors are required to:
  • Systems Design/ Deployment
    Design and deploy a scalable and cost effective cloud application using cloud building blocks. Competitors will need to decouple the database from the application, utilize cloud native capabilities to implement integration.
  • Network Design
    Design and deploy a self-healing system architecture to ensure minimal downtime through concepts such as automation, high availability and redundancy.
  • Automation
    Design and deploy automation for application deployment, infrastructure provisioning and auto-scaling to ensure cost-efficiency and high availability.
  • Security
    Design and deploy with security as top of mind in all service layers. These controls will restrict where traffic can flow and who can access the various cloud resources.
  • Monitoring
    Design and deploy monitoring to collect metrics to provide insight into the performance of the various service layers to support decision making and integrate with automation wherever possible.

Technical Description for Cloud Computing

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