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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Manufacturing & Engineering Technology

Keeping refrigeration and air conditioning working is essential to the modern world.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning could be for you if you like:

  • Fixing things
  • Making things
  • Using tools

About Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

The refrigeration and air conditioning engineer is responsible for the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of both systems. Their work involves domestic and commercial settings, as well as including the construction and transportation sectors, for example in ships and trucks. Finding solutions to issues involving climate and the environment are the biggest issues for engineers in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

The Challenge

Competitors are required to:
  • Interpret piping diagrams, plans and specifications
  • Select and use appropriate tools and materials required for installation
  • Fabrication of cooling coil in accordance to the diagrams
  • Carry out work safely throughout the competition

Our Experts

Chief Expert

Mr Tai Chee Seng

Product Quality and Compliance Manager

Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd


Ms Cheong Mei Kuen

Manager/Manufacturing Services Curriculum

Curriculum & Educational Development Division

ITE Headquarters


Mr Felix Foo Seng Heng

Deputy Director/Skills Development

Curriculum & Educational Development Division

Institute of Technical Education

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