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IT Network Systems Administration

Info-Comm Technology

Providing information technology (IT) services to commercial and public sectors to ensure systems run smoothly and without interruption.

IT Network Systems Administration could be for you if you like:

  • Complex problems
  • Fixing things
  • Using computers

About IT Network Systems Administration

For the IT Network Systems Administrator, the work environment can range from data centres to network operations centres, internet service providers and climate-controlled server rooms. The ability to communicate, solve problems, and research and understand the latest industry developments is paramount. Their work involves providing a wide range of services, including user support, design, troubleshooting, installing, configuring and updating both operating systems and network devices. The IT Network Systems Administrator also offers advice and guidance on the development of new systems and services to take the organisation forward. From ensuring the availability of IT systems with minimal downtime to contributing to the design and roll out of new systems, the role of the IT Network Systems Administrator is critical in businesses

The Challenge

Competitors are required to:
  • Install, configure and optimize the operating systems and associated software packages onto client and server workstations within a Local Area Network and Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) environment
  • Interconnect and configure client / server workstations and networking equipment to setup LANs/WANs according to given specifications
  • Administer a secure LAN/WAN and its associated components using software and/or hardware tools, implement maintenance (e.g., data backup, virus detection and mitigation, etc.) procedures according to given specification
  • Install, maintain and troubleshoot IP Telephony systems, devices and associated software
  • Employ systematic methods to identify and rectify hardware and software problems in client, server workstations and networking equipment

Technical Description for ITNSA

Our Experts

Chief Expert

Mr Bai Qing

Technical Director

SystemEngineer360 Pte Ltd

Deputy Chief Expert

Mr Lim Wah Onn Marcus


CX Marketing, Asia Pacific

Cisco System (USA) Pte Ltd


Ms Tan Sor Ling

Admin Executive

School of Information Technology

Nanyang Polytechnic


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Mr See Toh Kok Hwee

Senior Manager

School of Engineering

Nanyang Polytechnic

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