Mobile Robotics

Mobile Robotics

Entry Requirements

Possess technical skills and knowledge in typical icon-based programming interface on Windows operating system and assembly and integration of mechanical (e.g., handling units) and electrical components (e.g., sensors) typical to a mobile robotic system.

All teams are required to bring their own competition mobile robot assembled using at least the following from WorldSkills Studica collection kit for the competition:

  • Motors
  • Wheels
  • Motor driver
  • MyRIO controller
  • Battery
  • Camera

Competition Format

Competitors will be required to program and configure the competition robot to perform various tasks. The scope includes:

  • Analyse and carry out a given task
  • Carry out mobile robot system design
  • Design/Fabricate add-on component(s) [eg. Object Management System]
  • Design a mobile robot control program
  • Integrate sensors, controllers, actuators and attachments to the mobile robot
  • Test and troubleshoot problems
  • Interpret manufacturer’s technical documents

Time Allocated : 18-22 hours

Technical Description :