IT Network Systems Administration

IT Network Systems Administration

Entry Requirements

  • Possess technical skills and knowledge in IT Network Systems Administration

Competition Format

The project will be structured in modules. Competitors will be required to:

  • Install, configure and optimise the operating systems in personal computers (both client and server workstations) for a Local Area Network/Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) environment
  • Install software packages onto personal computers (both client and server workstations) for a LAN/WAN environment according to given specifications
  • Interconnect and configure client/server workstations and networking equipment to setup LANs/WANs according to given specifications
  • Administer a secure LAN/WAN and its components using various software and/or hardware tools
  • Implement maintenance procedures, e.g., data backup, virus detection and removal, etc., according to given specifications
  • Employ systematic methods to identify and rectify problems in client, server workstations and networking equipment
  • Install, maintain and troubleshoot IP Telephony systems, devices and software in a Small and Medium Business (SMB) environment

Time Allocated : 18 hours

Technical Description :