Entry Requirements

  • Possess technical skills and knowledge in preparing Western cuisine.

Competition Format

Competitors will be required to prepare and present:

Day 1: Module 1

Part (a): Menu planning, mise en place and cleaning up (4 hours)
Part (b): Finishing and Presentation (4 hours)

A Three (3) Course Menu using ingredients from a Mystery Basket:

  • Part A – Cold Appetiser (salad not allowed)
  • Part B – Poultry as main course, with appropriate starches, vegetables
    and freshly-made sauce
  • Part C – Chocolate (White and/or Dark) mousse as a component of a dessert

Day 2: Module 2

Module 2:
Finger food and Fresh pasta (4 hours)
Main course and Tiramisu cake deconstruction (4 hours)

A Four (4) Course Menu comprising:

  • Part A – Finger food
  • Part B – Fresh pasta hot starter
  • Part C – Meat main course
  • Part D – Tiramisu cake deconstruction

Time Allocated : 16 hours

Technical Description :