Web Design and Development (Scope of Competition)

Recommended Entry Requirements
1. Competitors must:

• Possess the requisite skills and knowledge in design principles and patterns to produce aesthetically pleasing and creative web design
• Possess working knowledge of World Wide Web Consortium standards for HTML and CSS (pre/post-processors), positioning and layout methods and other technical skills needed in the production and maintenance of Web Design

Competition Format
2. This competition is an individual event.

3. Test Projects for the competition are structured into modules.

4. Competitors are required to:

• Implement specific solutions into a website specification
• Complete website planning as well as design and integrate them into third party tools and platforms
• Develop databases, create programs, tests and debug the website

Time Allocated
5. 10 hours over 3 days of competition

Technical Description
Download the PDF file here: Web TD (5 Jun 18)