Water Technology (Scope of Competition)

Recommended Entry Requirements
1. Competitors must:

• Possess the requisite skills and knowledge in water technology
• Be physically fit
• Bring their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including lab coat, safety glasses, and gloves for mechanic works in the competition

Competition Format
2. This competition is an individual event.

3. Test Projects for the competition are structured into tasks.

4. Competitors are required to:

• Analyse water quality, e.g., phosphate and nitrogen
• Determine optimum coagulant requirement by jar test for water treatment
• Analyse alkalinity of water
• Dismantle, identify the faults and replace faulty parts of a valve or a pump
• Connect pipe/tube, pressure sensors, level sensors and flowmeter for a sand filtration system or water tank system and perform its operation
• Identify abnormalities of a water/wastewater treatment plant operation using virtual reality (VR). This competition task will be arranged depending on the availability of VR device
• Write a monthly report and an emergency report on water/wastewater plant operation and maintenance

Time Allocated
5. 14 hours over 3 days of competition

Technical Description
Download the PDF file here: Water Tech TD (31 Jan 18)v2