Restaurant Service (Scope of Competition)

Recommended Entry Requirements
1. Competitors must possess technical skills and knowledge in Food & Beverage operations

Competition Format
2. This competition is an individual event.

3. Test Projects for the competition are structured by modules/tasks.

4. Competitors are required to:

• Present and maintain a professional image throughout the competition
• Identify a range of liqueurs, wines and spirits
• Prepare and serve a range of coffees
• Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages
• Mix and serve alcoholic beverages
• Dress and set up tables for different dining styles
• Provide restaurant service for different dining styles including table boxing, napkin folding and mise-en-place
• Perform table-side service

Time Allocated
5. 18 to 24 hours over 3 days of competition

Download the PDF file here: RS TD (31 Jan 18)v2