Meet Raymond Ng Xing Sheng

Talent: Mobile Robotics
Institution/Organisation: ITE College Central

Raymond is a hardworking student who doesn’t give up easily. When he puts his mind to something, he will always persevere and give it his all until he reaches the end. Raymond has an interest in card magic. His magician’s sleight of hand has awed his family and friends often. Now this dexterity is put to good use in Mobile Robotics when he fascinates a different audience at the WorldSkills ASEAN Competition.

He enjoys having people gather around to watch him during such competitions and has worked four to five hours daily during the weekdays to hone his skills before he faces the crowd. His family and friends have been great supporters through their words of encouragement. He has vowed to “wow” with his Mobile Robotics skills when he joins Team Singapore, with his team mate, Firdose, at WorldSkills ASEAN in Bangkok.