Meet Maharaj Hussain Mohamed Firdose

Talent: Mobile Robotics
Institution/Organisation: ITE College Central

Firdose is a helpful student who is always ready to lend a helping hand to others.  Not only does he like to learn new things, he is also a fast learner. He is proud of himself for being able to represent Singapore to participate in the WorldSkills ASEAN Competition in Bangkok.

Firdose has an interest in music, especially in playing drums. This has helped him a lot in Mobile Robotics, to be more confident and patient in whatever he does. He has also worked four to five hours daily during the weekdays to hone his skills. He has a very good eye for details and is able to align tools and machine equipment effectively and efficiently. With the great support from his family and friends, he strives to do his best in the upcoming WorldSkills ASEAN Competition in Bangkok.