Meet Zahirah Bte Zainol

Talent: Restaurant Service
Institution/Organisation: Institute of Technical Education
Award/s: Medallion for Excellence

Zahirah Bte Zainol spends long hours training every weekday at ITE College West. She usually reaches home at about 9 pm each day. Yet someone always waits up for her, ever-ready to feed her with comfort food and offer a listening ear.

That special someone is none other than her mother – Mdm Zaliah Bte Mingan. “My mum is my biggest supporter. She trusts me, be it in my choice to study in ITE or in deciding to join the national WorldSkills Singapore Competition, the regional ASEAN Skills Competition and soon in the international WorldSkills Competition. Training is tough but I press on as I know that this is my chance to make my family proud on a global stage,” shared Zahirah.