Meet Ng Si Si

Talent: Beauty Therapy
Institution/Organisation: Institute of Technical Education
Award/s: Medallion for Excellence

When quizzed about what advice she would share with those who may follow in her footsteps, ITE College East student Ng Si Si said, “Love what you’re doing and be ready to practise, practise and practise. There is no short-cut. During training, it may be tiring to repeat the procedures but the only way to improve is to keep challenging yourself to be better. Beauty Therapy is not just about applying make-up. There are a lot of techniques to learn in body and spa treatments, facials, manicure and pedicure. You must strike a balance and take note of small details, while keeping to the allocated time.”

Si Si has been training intensively for close to two years, ever since she was identified to compete in 2016’s ASEAN Skills Competition, where she clinched a Bronze Medal. Recently she also won a bronze medal at WorldSkills Hong Kong 2017.