Meet Low Wei Ting

Talent: Aircraft Maintenance
Institution/Organisation: Nanyang Polytechnic
Award/s: Certificate of Participation

As a finalist for Aircraft Maintenance, Low Wei Ting not only has to be physically strong but also delicate and precise to properly use aircraft maintenance equipment and tools.

Wei Ting is grateful to his family, lecturers, trainers, and friends who support him and give him the strength to complete each day’s gruelling and exhausting training. Wei Ting is glad that his WorldSkills experience has made him more confident. He takes the initiative to learn more about his skill area, and is always trying to improve.

In addition to his goal of bringing back a medal from WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017​, Wei Ting also hopes he will pick up tips, skills and expertise from fellow participants. He would like to share this knowledge with everyone back home.