Meet Seah Shun

Talent: CNC Maintenance
Institution/Organisation: Singapore Polytechnic

My present job is Executive Mechanical Engineer at PSA Corporation Limited.

Highest qualification is Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Benefits: WSC serves as a knowledge based platform where it allows me to understand how precision engineering has a part to play in the world today. Take for instance, the tolerances used on the shafts and bearings in my current work allow me to appreciate the reasoning behind the machining field to ensure that there is an interference fit. As a past CNC lathe participant, the valuable lessons learnt from this experience are the combination of inputs from various parties on how the major design concepts are initiated by designers and subsequently machined out by skillful machinist with their rich experiences.

On the overall experience, I strongly believe that young enthusiast engineer to be, we should take up the challenge of competing in WSC and let it craft and hone our thinking to be a better engineers for this society.