Meet Johnathon Lim

Talent: CNC Milling
Institution/Organisation: Singapore Polytechnic
Award/s: Medallion of Excellence in 40th WSC

” Worldskills Competition has given me an amazing experience which I will never get to experience it elsewhere. Trainings were hectic but it was worth the time and effort. It allows me to showcase my confidence and practical skills in my expertise and compete with competitors from other institutes. It was an honour for me to be able to represent Singapore for Worldskills International Competition. This competition promotes the image of skills and skilled careers through competitions. In addition, it provides a unique means of exchange and comparison of world-class competency standards in the industrial trades and service sectors of the global economy. Moreover, it gives me the honour to interact with some of the world’s top competitors and broadens my social networking with companies all over the globe. Even though, my job has no relation to my field of expertise, I never once regretted taking part in this competition. I would encourage the younger generation to participate in this competition if there’s opportunity and I’m pretty sure that they will be able to learn a lot from it and have an enjoyable experience ahead.”