Meet Siew Seng Yeow

Talent: Mechanical Engineering Design-CAD
Institution/Organisation: Singapore Polytechnic
Award/s: Silver in 36th WSC

Having gone through WSC 14 years ago created something worthwhile to look back on. It is though this event that I appreciated the depth of skill a person can acquire and how they can make a living from the skill that they have acquired. 14 years on, this is still the very few things that I put in my resume when I look for a job. At least this is something worth noting.

If we can appreciate how fast a 100m sprinter is, how fast a swimmer can be, maybe going though one of these competitions that we can truly understand what it takes to get there. Every sportsman processes that spirit to be the very best, and even if they lose, they do it gracefully. That is sportsmanship. Once you gain that though some experience, it stays on for the rest of your life.

WSC do provide a platform for that. While it is not as widely published as the SEA game by the media, it is still a world competition, represented by nationality speaking different language. Technical skill is not doubt the common language in this arena and that we hold regard for him who won and we respect him deeply. Because we understand the effort he put in.

Having trained, compete and won in WSC, you do understand that you have developed a skill that hold candle whichever part of the world you are in. You appreciate that if given a chance to commit the some time and effort on something else in life, you can do well as well. This is an attribute that you will surely develop.