Meet Christopher Cai Yizhan

Talent: Information Technology - Software Applications
Institution/Organisation: Nanyang Polytechnic
Award/s: MEDALLION FOR EXCELLENCE in 39th WorldSkills Competition

Christopher Cai recalls his WorldSkills Competition (WSC) experience as being “stressful but exciting.” The one thing he values most from his WSC experience is that it helps him in his ability to produce quality work under time pressure, a lesson he takes to his current job as a Director of Intrasys (Pte.) Ltd.

Christopher, who graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic’s (NYP) with a Diploma in Information Technology, represented Singapore in the Information Technology – Software Applications trade and won a Medallion for Excellence.  After his National Service, he deepened his knowledge of IT by doing a Computer Science degree from National University of Singapore (NUS).  At NUS, he met two other like-minded NYP graduates and together, they set up their own company in 2007.

Intrasys (Pte.) Ltd. is a company offering Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions, and it has a range of clients spanning various industries, including aerospace, construction, logistics and retail.

Said Christopher, “During WorldSkills, I learnt how to work very quickly under time constraints.  This has helped me at my workplace.  For example, when potential clients request previews or demonstrations of our work, I am able to meet their requests quickly, including requests to do proof-of-concept ideas if needed.”

Another aspect of WorldSkills which Christopher found useful was the peak performance training for competitors of the international-level competition.  Even years after the competition, he felt that the training has given him added mental strength.  “The training taught me how to stay motivated and focused,” he said.

His advice to current competitors going to Sao Paulo, Brazil?  “Know your strengths and work on them. When given a project during the competition, complete the tasks which you are strong in first.  This would give you greater confidence, and when you have tackled your areas of strength, you can then focus on other aspects which you need to spend more of your attention on,” he said.