Meet Dickson Foo Chuan Ming

Talent: Mechanical Engineering Drawing CAD
Institution/Organisation: Singapore Polytechnic
Award/s: Medallion for Excellence in 40th WSC

Being given the opportunity to be part of the team to compete in the MECADD trade in the WSS and WSC has not only given me the proficiency in using the CAD software, Autodesk Inventor. The skills learnt from Inventor has enable me to pick up similar software such as Solidworks easily, while the interface might be different, the flow of designing and building up the model is very similar.

Apart from proficiency in using CAD software, the skills picked up had also provided me with the ability to better communicate the design of the prototype and or product, to various people of different occupations and professions such as fabricators, professors, investors and medical professionals.

The skills gained has also strengthen and hone my ability to visualise things and concepts, allowing me to better come up with design solutions and ideas for the projects that I have worked on. The ability to utilise 3D CAD software has also made project work more efficient as it allow the user to evaluate the prototype designs and identify issues before committing the time and resources into building the physical prototype.

The process of picking up the skills of the trade, as well as the interactions with fellow competitors from the other trades has given me a better appreciation of the importance of skills. Not only has the World Skills training given me valuable skills, it has also enhanced my perception of things.