Meet Chua Ka Wen

Talent: Beauty Therapy
Institution/Organisation: Institute of Technical Education

Chua Ka Wen is a young lady who is in continuous pursuit of excellence by taking on new challenges with a smile. Being a multi-tasker, she attended at least 40-hour weekly intensive training in Beauty Therapy for the WorldSkills Singapore (WSS) Competition in 2008, whilst learning professional dancing and taking driving lessons at the same time. Time has never been sufficient for Ka Wen. “It has not been easy for me to cope with all these different training at the same time, but I somehow manage to pull through with my determination and drive”, she remarked.

Ka Wen’s outstanding showing at the WSS paved the way for her participation in the 7th ASEAN Skills Competition, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in November 2008. She was part of the pioneer Singapore contingent at the competition, and did not disappoint with a Gold Medal in the Beauty Therapy skills area.

“Representing Singapore to take part in the WorldSkills Competition 2009 in Beauty Therapy, I am now more confident of myself and delighted that my hard work has paid off well. Besides gaining new knowledge and having more exposure, I have learnt to take things more seriously, and seeing things from different perspectives. With my opportunity in the WorldSkills competition, I am striving to work towards becoming a successful, all-rounded beauty therapist”, she said.

Currently a Lecturer at her alma mater, the Institute of Technical Education, Ka Wen trains up younger talents in Beauty and Spa Management.