Meet Tan Kian Ann

Talent: IT Software Applications
Institution/Organisation: Temasek Polytechnic
Award/s: Gold Medallist in 36th WorldSkills Competition

1.            What are you currently doing?


I’m currently working on my own business ChampCode Pte Ltd. The company handles web design, development and marketing for small business owners.


2.            How is your job relevant to what you have been trained in? How have you used your training

                for your job?


What I learnt during the training for WorldSkills continues to be essential and relevant to what I am doing now. The experience helped me to believe in myself. I also have the capability to pick up new technical skills when I need to and the confidence that I can produce outstanding work.


3.            What are some difficulties you faced in choosing to remain in a training-related field? How did you overcome these difficulties?

Because I have chosen to stay lean in my business (i.e. outsource work instead of hire staff), I need to be proficient in both the technical skills to do the projects, as well as the soft skills to communicate effectively and sell solutions to my clients. I have always struggled with soft skills, and to overcome this I have to constantly remind myself to get out of my comfort zone.

Technical skills wise – because the IT sector is ever changing, there are always a thousand and one other things I can choose to learn (e.g. different languages, different platforms) and each requires time and effort.  To overcome this challenge, I have chosen to view technology as a means to help my clients with their challenges. At the same time, I spend time every week to stay updated about new technologies through online learning portals, more as a hobby.