Meet Shuner Villanueva Leong

Talent: Beauty Therapy
Institution/Organisation: Institute of Technical Education
Award/s: Gold Medal in WorldSkills Competition 2011

Shuner is currently a lecturer at the Institution of Technical Education (ITE), where she trains skilled talents for the industry. She also helps guide the competitor in Beauty Therapy for the WorldSkills Competition this year.

In 2011, Shunner put Singapore and ITE on the world map, as world champion in the Beauty Therapy skills category at WorldSkills London 2011. She has her place in history, for scoring the first medal for ITE since its participation in WorldSkills Competitions from 1995. On her win, Shunner said, “I actually wasn’t sure I wanted to be in the competition at first, but now, I am really just delighted.”

Shuner was surprised by her win, as she has always considered herself a slow learner especially when it comes to studying.  She is used to spending longer time and putting in more effort than others in order to achieve her goals.  A memorable and really special moment for her was when she was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Award in Beauty Therapy in March 2008.