Meet Andrew Yong Tien Hui

Talent: Information Network Cabling
Institution/Organisation: Republic Polytechnic
Award/s: Gold Medal in WorldSkills Singapore 2012Silver Medal in WorldSkills Singapore 2012

Andrew did not think much about it when his lecturer asked if he   would like to take part in the WorldSkills Singapore 2012 competition.   However, he thought the better of it when he realised the value of honing an  extra skillset in poly.The journey to both the Singapore and international competitions   was intense and demanding on him. On top of juggling his school work, he had   to come back to RP over weekends and holidays to garner sufficient practice   for his skills in information network cabling. Above all,   Andrew found that putting on the correct mindset and motivating oneself were   as important as the process of learning the skills required.Through   his unwavering persistence, Andrew clinched a silver medal in Wordskills   Singapore 2012 in the information network cabling category. Not one to rest   on his laurels, he also performed commendably in his studies, graduating with   a Diploma with merit and an Academic Roll of Honour in academic year 2012,  semester one.

He is currently on the SAF local study award, and is studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU).