Meet Ong Kang Yu

Talent: Information Network Cabling
Institution/Organisation: Republic Polytechnic
Award/s: Gold Medal in WorldSkills Singapore 2012Silver Medal in WorldSkills International 2013

Kang Yu was from the Diploma in Aerospace Avionics in Republic Polytechnic. In school, Kang Yu demonstrated a spirit of academic excellence, and was a recipient of the Avotron Scholarship and Motorola Scholarship. He was a motivated student who took the initiative to find out more. He was also highly adaptable to change, a trait that was beneficial for him in the competition.

Kang Yu comes from a financially-challenged background. He believes in working hard for the things that matter to him. This trait has helped him excel in his studies at Republic Polytechnic (RP) as well as the WorldSkills competition.

He is now studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU).