Hotel Reception (Scope of Competition)

Recommended Entry Requirements
1. Competitors must possess technical skills and knowledge in the Hotel Front Office processes, including reservations, check-in, billing and handling guest’s issues.

Competition Format
2. This competition is an individual event.
3. Test Projects for the competition are structured into modules/tasks.
4. Competitors are required to:
• Understand the structure, roles and requirements of the front office operations within the hotel industry
• Demonstrate effective communication and listening techniques when handling guest complains/issues and maintaining professional relations and communications with guests
• Handle the reservations in the Property Management System (PMS) and understand the source of booking in person, over the telephone or by email
• Provide tourist information to guests and make recommendations to guest’s requests
• Apply electronic/manual systems for check-in/check out and the guest registration processes
• Maintain all necessary documentation and information relating to guests and issuance of key
• Deal with guest luggage and belongings

Time Allocated:
18 hours over 2 days of competition.

Technical Description
Download the PDF file here: Hotel Reception – Technical Description