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WorldSkills Singapore

The biennial WorldSkills Singapore competition is set to be a celebration of skills for all – competitors, students, industry partners and members of the public. Four key changes will be made to WorldSkills Singapore 2018 (WSS 2018).

First, the number of skills competition areas will be increased significantly, with a focus on emerging and industry-relevant skills such as Cyber Security. Second, participation will also be broadened beyond the polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to include the Autonomous Universities (AUs) and members of the public. Third, WSS2018 will serve as a key platform to strengthen Education and Career Guidance (ECG) for students. Fourth, we will rally industry support and participation, to increase the involvement of employers in the development and honing of skills.

Expansion of competition areas to emerging skills/ industries
Nine new skill areas have been included into the competition. This brings the total number of skills areas to 26 in WSS 2018. The nine new skills areas are:
i. 3D Digital Game Art
ii. Automobile Technology
iii. Beauty Therapy
iv. Cyber Security
v. Fashion Technology
vi. Hairdressing
vii. Rapid Transit Systems
viii. Freight Forwarding
ix. Water Technology

Expanding Participation to AUs and members of the public
The 13th edition of WSS will also welcome participation from all Singaporeans who meet the age criteria. As skills mastery goes beyond technical and vocational education and training, participation in WSS 2018 will be opened up to include university undergraduates, students in private training institutions and employees in private companies, in addition to students from the polytechnics and ITE. This will raise the level of
the competition, and the overall standards of WSS.

Holistic Education and Career Guidance
Building on the WorldSkills spirit of skills mastery in one’s chosen field, WSS 2018 will also be used as a platform to strengthen education and career guidance efforts. An expected number of over 10,000 secondary school students will be exposed to the variety of skills areas, learn more about industries through an interactive exhibition and explore various education and career pathways available to them through career talks and workshops. Such hands-on experience and learning at WSS 2018 will build on the education and career guidance efforts delivered in schools. WSS 2018 will also be open to members of the public to allow more Singaporeans to experience the competition.

Increased Industry Involvement
Past competitions saw many companies across diverse sectors step forward as sponsors and partners for the event. They play a crucial role in highlighting the importance of skills in their respective industries and encouraging young Singaporeans to pursue skilled careers. Their participation reflects the growing importance that industries place on the development and promotion of skills needed in the future economy. WSS 2018 will further increase industry involvement, where many of the interactive booths, talks and
workshops will be helmed by industry partners.

Platform for Local and International Skills Recognition
To support these changes, competition finals for WSS 2018 will be held from 5 – 7 Jul 2018 at Suntec Singapore. About 20,000 visitors are expected to attend the event.

Mr Ng Cher Pong, Chairman, WorldSkills Singapore Council and Chief Executive, SkillsFuture Singapore said, “WorldSkills Singapore is an opportune platform for us to develop young skilled talent and celebrate skills. The new changes we are introducing to expand the scope of WSS 2018 and reposition the competition will raise the overall profile of skills in Singapore, signal the importance of skills in both established and emerging industries and the role that different segments play in skills development. With greater participation by industry, students and members of the public, we hope to draw the nation to support our young people in their journey of skills mastery.”

Top medallists at WSS stand a chance to represent Singapore at the international
WorldSkills Competition (WSC), often referred to as the ‘Youth Olympics of Skills’. The next WSC will be held at Kazan, Russia, from 29 Aug – 3 Sep 2019. Held every two years, the WSC is the largest skills competition that gathers the best global talents to compete in over  50 skilled professions and trades.

Team Singapore recently put up a strong performance at the WSC held at Abu Dhabi from 15 – 18 Oct 2017. The team comprising 21 competitors from ITE and the five Polytechnics clinched 2 Gold Medals in 3D Digital Game Art and Freight Forwarding, 3 Bronze Medals in Health and Social Care, Information Network Cabling and IT Network Systems Administration, and 8 Medallions for Excellence.